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Come join us in Koh Phangan Thailand to plan an entire Yoga retreat and Yoga Teacher Training
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There are daily Hatha Yoga classes between 8:30 AM and 16:00.


More about Agama
Agama is a university that believes in truly spiritual and core principles that are based on the authentic roots of Yoga with a combination of courses, retreats, workshops etc. at our campuses that are present all over the world.
If you wish to choose evolution, Agama is the ideal path for you!
As teachers and united, we intend to seek into the ancient philosophy that is spiritual along with the modern practices by making use of our authentic Yogic knowledge. When you enter our truly spiritual university, it serves as a key resource for health and vitality. With the modern Yoga practices still in place, you will still have an idea about the authentic yoga systems.
Our teachers will help students traverse the path to seek more clarity and spiritual enlightenment, thereby empowering an individual to strike a more balanced approach towards their living. We provide support to students who wish to live their life in a yogic way and we help them embark on the journey in which they awaken truly. As Agama makes sure that every individual is equal and deserves the right to live life fully based on the harmonic principles even when they are not practicing Yoga, we are glad to assist them.
First Level Intensive
As of today, there are thousands of individuals who have practice Level 1 Yoga intensive that spreads across 150 hours and gives you an introduction regarding the fundamental aspects of Yoga and also provide you with a strong practice that you can inculcate at home as we help you grow.
Students that enter the Agama Yoga Retreat in Thailand initially are in Level 1 Yoga Intensive of Agama. This lasts for a month and includes aspects both theoretical and practical in the Hatha Yoga manner. It is more than the instruction on physical postures or asanas that help you to guide through your own energy centers, named as chakras that are present within your body, teach you the breathing techniques that come from pranayama, including meditation, philosophy etc.
Training Program for Teachers
As an elite Yoga practitioner, Agama collaborates with the best facilitators, practitioners and trainers that are well-versed in their own areas and provide you with the best teacher training programs to give you an upper edge in the field of Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training Course – 200 Hours
Spanning across 5 weeks, this course lasts for 200 hours and makes you learn the entire Hatha Yoga system, thereby helping you as a Yoga teacher in the global stage and you can address all aspects of Yoga once you learn this well and obtain a certification.

yoga thailand

Akasha Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

Come To Akasha Yoga Academy, Koh Phangan, Thailand & Ubud Bali – Namaste


We provide inspiring practices and teachings of traditional, authentic yoga. We will give you the core of ancient wisdom, interpreted into modern language. We offer integrity and enthusiasm throughout the academy every day.

We provide sensible teachings that are based on extensive research and honest practices. The Akasha Yoga Academy is built around the integration of traditional wisdom and scientific knowledge. Our teachers are highly qualified and offer the true core of yoga with great dedication.

We offer a range of certified yoga teacher training courses and comprehensive yoga pranayama workshops, meditation retreats, and life coaching sessions.

Our approach to yoga is through comprehensive science, integrating the physical practice to a full understanding that covers asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, anatomy, psychology, philosophy, and meditation.

Yoga will give you a clear path to contentment, inner growth, and health. Our courses will let you practice and study yoga in a meticulous approach to discover the profound relationships between your body, spirit, and soul.

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Koh Phangan, Thailand, and Ubud Bali:

The Akasha Yoga Academy is a fully registered and certified member of the International Yoga Alliance. Our course of study for the Teacher Training Courses is approved by the Yoga Alliance and our instructors are accredited as Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT-200 and 500).

Yoga refers to a spiritual union and the academy is a place for the communication of wisdom. Akasha means space.

The Practice:

You will receive warming exercises including 28 essential postures, sun salutations, yogic relaxation, breath awareness, spiritual heart meditation, pranayama, and bandha practice. You will receive an introduction to yogic purification, diet, and Ayurveda.

The Theory:

Yoga is the profound, energetic structure that consists of the seven chakras, nadis, and five bodies. This is a state of consciousness, scripture study including Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Yama, and Niyama. Niyama is the modern interpretation of the ethics and virtues of yoga. The classic paths of yoga include Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, and Raja.


Holding Space:

Includes presentation skills, voice training, rhetoric, and body language.

The Art Of Touch:

Receive adjustment and correction training, and the introduction to Thai Yoga Massage.

Guided Teaching Experience:

Have 5 practical work sessions with peer feedback and systematic evaluation by our experienced supervisors.

Our Special Features:

The course is exclusively taught by our leading instructors Kirsten Reiss and Burkhard Langemann who are the founders of the Akasha Yoga Academy. With the excellent presence of our head teachers and small group sizes of only 20 students in Bali and 24 in Thailand, you will receive personalized guidance and individual support.

You will receive a profound absorption into the depth of classic Hatha Yoga through intense practice along with an intellectual approach to the philosophy that will be applied to a yogic lifestyle.

Through your passionate teachers and inspiring surroundings, you will have the potential to generate profound changes. Our Yoga Teacher Training Course is a unique, life-changing experience that should not be missed. The intensive schedule for this program is balanced off by the lush tropical surroundings.

You will evolve in this perfect, peaceful environment.

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand