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Agama Healing Center is the perfect retreat in Koh Phangan. We offer holistic healing for you to improve your emotional state, your life, and give you the mental transformation that you crave. We use natural method which last a long time.
We drawn from Yoga Therapy along with modern medicine to provide for you the best environment for your self-healing. We use an integrated approach, so you have better health and well-being. We have many programs that can help you through various health challenges. Our programs can be applied to your Western lifestyle.


Our Consultations
We feature trained consultants that use various modalities to treat your individual needs. The recommendations given are designed to provide you with the total mind-body connection. Our approach in natural and our experience has shown us that it’s effective.

Our Workshops
We have various workshops for you to explore. We cover various health challenges and interesting topics in depth. When you learn in a group setting, you can share your experiences and gain more personal awareness. The workshops cover practice as well as theory, so you get the total learning your need.

Our Yoga Classes
We have yoga classes that are specialized. We cover the application of yoga through various aspects of health. The classes are perfect for beginners or those that have more experience. We have group classes or those for the individual.

Training for Teachers
We feature AYTT which is a 450-hour training and it’s led by Maha Ananda, a Western trained doctor. This program integrates the perspectives from mainstream medicine, wellness industry, and Yoga so all areas of your well-being are addressed.

Our Retreats
Agama Healing Center features yearly retreats, and these cover many therapeutic and health topics. Every retreat includes practical tool, some theory, and therapeutic yoga practice so you gain the knowledge that you need.

Nadi Healing Touch
Nadi integrates ancient Thai message and Yoga. This brings awareness of your energy channels in the body. It uses the art of touch which circulates prana through nadi. When you use this treatment, you have more vitality as well as energy.

REIKI Healing in Koh, Phangan, Thailand
Reiki is vibrational healing therapy which is gentle. This activates the natural healing responses of the body. It channels your life force energy and uses deep relaxation to achieve this. Reiki helps you find greater balance on many levels and can help anyone that seeks this sort of treatment. You’ll feel revitalized after you do Reiki id you feel tired. If you’re overwhelmed with life, this will help you gain new purpose, and clarity. Reiki can help you with many problems in your life.

The Reiki Treatment
When you balance your system, this can help you with many health problems. When you’re lying down, you’ll receive Reiki. You will be fully clothes and the Reiki practitioner will place hands upon you gently or just above the body in various hand placements. The practitioner will move the pranic energy which is determined by the responses from the person receiving the treatment.
Koh phangan Healing