Koh Phangan villas for rent

Bay residence was established in 2008, and it has erected several villas for rent in Koh Phangan. Apart from having a proven track record of construction, the project team has changed over the past many years. Currently, they are introducing a modern idea to design Koh Phangan. Being the leading development partner in Koh Phangan and ensuring the island develops continuously in a manner that accolades its untouched natural beauty is our mission statement.

koh phangan villas for rent

Quick Overview
• The location is prime, and offers amazing sunset ocean views.
• The villas feature 3 to 4 luxurious bedrooms and a private vast pool.
• Architectural designing is by the award winning chapman Taylor.
• The development is secure and fully managed.
• The open-plan living features a dining and sunken outdoor lounge.

The primary attraction of Koh Phangan’s island is the unending white sand bars, clean and beautiful beaches, amazing golden sunsets, numerous coconut groves and crystal clear waters. Besides, 70% of Koh Phangan island land is occupied by national park, which assures you that its calmness and natural beauty will always be maintained.
Bay Residence – Koh Phangan Villas
Bay residence was started in 2008, and has successfully erected countable villas in the area. Besides having a proven track record of constructions, the project team has grown over the years. The team is currently introducing a modern design idea in Koh Phangan. The mission statement of Bay Residence is becoming the leading villa development partner in Koh Phangan, and ensuring the island grows continuously in a means that commends its unspoiled natural beauty.

Staged payment method is used in selling Koh Phangan Villas, as it gives room for competitive price, resulting to phased payments which match the construction milestones.
This is the appropriate place to run away from the normal hustle and bustle of life, and engage in the culture, history and beauty of southern Thailand.

Taking a walk at the undisturbed white sandy beaches should be your start. Then tour the attractive national park, charming waterfalls and Angthong marine park 40 islands, where you will enjoy the best scuba diving and snorkeling in Asia.

Also, you can be part of the attractive Thai tradition cultures. In Thailand, there is an emphasized quote of daily life known as “sanook”; a concept of ensuring life is enjoyable and fun.
In the Gulf of Thailand, 15 kilometers from the horizon of Koh Samui is an island which lies in its development spring. The fascinating Koh Phangan Island that king Rama V loving refers as “The Royal Stream” is currently a special retreat with an increasing status.
Apart from Haad Salad island experiencing sensitive growth, it also has a rich culture and history. Additionally, it is among the remaining few islands that have maintained their natural beauty and sense of real island life.
Haad Salad has a 10 minutes’ drive distance from Thong Sala main port town, and it is near attractions like Koh Ma Marine Park and Wangsai Waterfall.

The island is characterized by soft white sands, crystal clear waters for best snorkeling, tropical fish with rainbow colors, coral reefs and swaying coconut trees.

At sunset, the scenic bay is unforgettable, while at night it is beautiful, especially after the moon illuminates the local long-tail boats.
Besides the beach featuring many beautiful rustic beach bars and restaurants in the beachfront, it is also family-friendly, and offers a laid-back feeling. In addition, not far from the beach is a small village, featuring a nice selection of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops.

koh phangan villas for rent