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Pure Gain – Massage, Acupuncture, and Float Tank Therapy Located in Brisbane

Our treatments are designed to bring you back to harmony and health when you need it the most. We want you to be responsive, fit, free from ailments, and enjoying everything that life has to offer you. Massage and acupuncture have been known for thousands of years to be healing for the body. Many still seek these treatments because they know the treatments work. One of our newest therapies is floating therapy. This provides you with many benefits for both the mind and body. We have twenty-five years of experience to help get your body back to health and help heal your mind, so you have improved harmony and peace. It’s out passion, privilege, and honor to help you regain as well as maintain your good health and well-being.

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Advantages of Acupuncture in Brisbane
We use refined acupuncture techniques and fine needles to provide you with gentle treatment that’s effective. Our treatments are perfect for everyone, even if you don’t like needles. Our tools are designed not to pierce your skin, so the treatments are perfect for those that don’t want to experience any trauma, and they work for children, too. We use heat at some of the acupuncture sites for a balancing and nurturing treatment. We also use the cupping procedure in some cases.
Acupuncture helps to regulate the energetic circuitry of the body. A person trained in acupuncture can balance the energetic disharmony in the body. They can help release blockages and improve the wellbeing of the patient. Acupuncture works on psycho-emotional, physiological, and the musculo-skeletal levels for total body healing.

Remedial Massage in Brisbane
We have twelve years of experience in sports, remedial, relaxation, and energetic massage in the Brisbane area. We feature skilled therapists that work to skillfully to release body tightness. They help the body release tension while not adding more tension or stress to the body. They have excellent skills in massage, so you get the deep tissue release that you need. They use targeted techniques which are gently. Our therapists work with you to find the best massage solutions to fit your needs. The treatments are designed for the individual, so you will have a massage that is right for your needs now. We can help with shoulder tension, lower back pain, neck pain and other issues you are having.

Float Tank in Brisbane
Floating involves immersion in 30cm of concentrated magnesium sulphates in a floatation tank. This concentration allows you to float without any effort. The tank is at a constant temperature of 34.5 C. The nerve endings that cover the skin aren’t able to perceive the separation of the skin and the mineral bath surrounding the skin. You will float in silence or you can request music for the background. The area is dark, but you can turn in a light and have this on throughout the session if you wish it.

remedial massage brisbane